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Puppy Socialization Class Description

Many studies are now showing that early socialization and learning is essential for the healthy development of all puppies. It helps to minimize future behavioral problems such as fear, aggression and anxiety. What most people do not know is that the primary socialization period for most puppies ends at 12 weeks of age. After that time, it may be more difficult for owners to convince their puppies that new things are good things.

This program will involve 45 minutes to one hour (depending on attendance) of puppy socialization.  Puppies between the ages of 8-20 weeks will be exposed to a variety of experiences to help them develop into well adjusted, friendly and safe dogs.  They will be allowed to interact with other “healthy” puppies and be handled by a variety of people.  They will be exposed to skateboards, bikes, umbrellas and many other novel experiences.  Common problems, such as housetraining, playbiting, and destruction will be discussed and written material will be given out. The main goal of this class will be to provide socialization.

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