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Obedience/Management Class Description

Obedience training strengthens the bond between you and your dog. It builds better communication and mutual respect. A well-trained dog is happier because there are fewer restrictions and he will be given more freedom, because he is well trained.

Learning for all dogs should be a lifetime commitment. The graduation certificate, after a six-week beginner’s class, does not end the education of your pet. You have only just begun. It is the foundation in which further learning can take place. Your dog may have learned how to perform a down stay, both on lead and when you are standing in front of him. But that is a far cry from staying down during dinner time, with the smell of food circulating through the room. Unless, your giving him the command, within the context that he was taught, he may not truly understand what is expected of him. He must learn that it is the “command” or “cue” that is important to illicit a behavior, not only the particular situation he is in. He may have actually “learned” that he only has to respond to a command, when he is in an obedience mode (when you are practicing). He doesn’t know that he must also follow through while he is playing, greeting people, or most importantly, running out the door!

ALL DOGS have the potential to learn these necessary tasks. Some dogs take longer than others, so additional lessons may be added if necessary. The benefits are priceless. Your dog will be happier, safer, and your best friend forever!

“PHASE 1” program will help you build the foundation. We will start by working on building a vocabulary of commands (sit, down, stay, come, leave it, off, etc.) We will also help you manage your dog even before his is trained, so he doesn’t learn inappropriate behaviors before learning the appropriate ones. We will also help you with typical problems such as jumping, biting, chewing, housebreaking, etc.

“PHASE 2” obedience program will help you proceed to the next level, which includes off lead work. We will again be working with you and your dog privately, for the first three sessions, to make sure you have a strong foundation with his commands no matter what situation he may be in. If ready, you will then enter into a group class (off lead) for the next four lessons.


Classes are flexible
Programs can be changed to suit individual needs
Additional lessons can be added at any time

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